Powerseed® Eagle-Eye - DashCam DV926

€ 149,00

Powerseed® "EagleEye" - Dash Cam DV 926 

The Powerseed® Eagle Eye DV 926 is the latest Dash Cam by Powerseed®. High Definition video and rear camera are two of the features of this product. 

For those still unfamiliar with these products, it is useful to say that now it is no longer just an accessory but, on the contrary, it is able to protect you from fraud and bad guys when we are driving. The Dash Cam resumes through wide angle lens everything that happens in front of us and behind us by registering and then holding it at our disposal.

Some insurance companies now offer a premium discount to those who equip their vehicles with one of these devices.

The Dash Cam is not only a useful object for your personal protection, but can also be a funny gadget, that allows you to record everything that happens inside your car during a pleasure trip by recording images and audio.

Technical Features

  • MCR: Novatec 96655
  • Display Screen: 4.0", 800 x 480 IPS screen
  • Image Sensor: 0330
  • Lens: 6P holohyaline, symbol17
  • Wide Angle: Front 170° / Back 120°
  • Pixel: 4 millions / 1 million
  • Resolution: 1080 FHD

The Novatek Chipset and high quality optics allows you excellent night vision, the parking control system coupled to rear-view camera will help in the most difficult maneuvers and see hidden obstacles when reversing.

The Dash Cam is very easy to use, it automatically starts with the vehicle or, in case it is not manned, it will be activated by motion - or gravity sensors. Also the installation of the front module is easy and fast, thanks to the support by suction windshield included in the packaging.

The motion- and gravity sensor will start automatically shooting if someone approaches the car or when it is raised. The videos will report the date and time of the shooting.


  • Plastic
  • Aluminium


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