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Powerseed® "Premium" Car Accessories Set

€ 372,00
Car Air Purifier
Dash Cam
Jump Starter

Powerseed® Car Premium Pack .

Premium Pack includes the best of the best for your beloved car in one box, with a big discount.

With Powerseed® Premium Pack you will receive at home:

  1. Powerseed® Lightning Plus, Jump Starter and Universal Charger. 
  2. Powerseed® Eagle Eye, Dash Cam with rear module.
  3. Powerseed® Just Breathe, Car Air Purifier.

The Powerseed® Lightning Plus allows you to jump start your car if the battery fails, recharge your Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop and every USB, 12 V and 19 V devices. An indispensable travel mate with an exceptional design and look.

Jump Starter Price

The Powerseed® Eagle Eye Dash Cam is a High End security cam for your car. It will record everything automatically starting with the car. It include the rear camera module to help the driver parking the car.

dash cam price

And, finally, the Powerseed® Just Breath Air purifier will keep a clean environment inside your car, removing smell and harmful agents.


car charger powerseed drum 2 output 2a angle black
Powerseed® Drum - Dual Output Car Charger with Ambient Light
bluetooth trasmitter car charger powerssed universe
Powerseed® Universe - FM Transmitter and Car Charger with dual Output

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