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LEHE K1 - Electric Folding Scooter with Smart Bag

Smart Bag Included - Smart Bag Inclusa - Smart Tasche inklusive

€ 1.599,00

Lehe K1 Elecric Folding Scooter

The K1 Folding Scooter is a fantastic electric vehicle manufactured by our friends from Lehe.

LEHE K1 Folding Scooter


Designed in the Netherlands and assembled with premium materials and components for a solid and fashionable look. The beautiful frame is made with aviation grade 6061 aluminum alloy.

Details matter

Every smallest detail has been thought to give you a perfect riding experience and the maximum of the comfort when you need to ride and store it.

Folding scooter

Portable & Folding

To be 100% usable, an electric vehicle just like the CommuteBoard must be portable. It needs to fit the trunk of your care and must handy enough to carry it with you whereever you go. Bus, Metro, Mall. It must be a facilitator for your everyday life, not an obstacle. It needs to be something you can always keep with you, to avoird theft. The K1 got all these features.

Folded scooter

But only when you ride it you can really enjoy this small electric jewel

Electric scooter fox mix-commuting


Both wheels are equipped with reliable and strong disk brakes.  The front Led Light got a 10 meters range and the red back light makes the K1 Scooter highly visible.

electric scooter disk brakes


The front suspension, the ergonomic saddle and the cruise control will comfortably take you around the city and also in some uneven ground.  

Electric scooter comfort


With the built-in Bluetooth Audio System you can use your phone, listen to your music, receive voice messages from your GPS system while riding the K1. And with the integrated Power Bank your Smart devices will never run out of battery. The on board Powerbank got a floating output from 1A to 2.1A to satisfy big smart phone or tablet users. Together with the K1 Scooter you will receive two remotes to lock the Scooter, switch it off from distance if unauthorized persons try to ride it and manage the alarm system.

smart electric scooter

And with some very smart accessory avaliable for smart people

LEHE K1 Folding Scooter Smart bag

Let's see some basic features of the K1 Electric Folding Scooter

  • Max. speed: 25-32 km/h (15.5-20 mph), adjustable
  • Max. range: 35-45 km (21-28 miles) per charge
  • Max. load: 120 kg (264 lbs)
  • Max. Climb: angle 35 degree 
  • Tire Size: 12.5inch diameter x 2.25inch width
  • Motor Type: Brushless geared motor
  • Motor Power Rated: 250W, Peak 400W
  • Motor Rated Torque: 6.6 N.m
  • Battery: 317Wh (36V 8.8Ah) Li-ion battery, with 40pcs of riginal LG / Samsung battery cells
  • Over-current protection: 13 ± 1A
  • Controller Low-voltage protection: 30 ± 1V
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours
  • Charging voltage: AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Packaging: double styrofoam + thick brown box
  • Accessories in the box: 1 charger, 2 remotes, 1 manual, 1 spanner, 1screwdriver
  • Net Weight: 18 kg (39.7 LBS)
  • Unfolded Size: 120,0 cm x 61,5 cm x 98,5 cm (47.3 in x 24.2 in x 35.2 in)
  • Folded Size: 123,5 cm x 53,6 cm x 27,0 cm (48.6 in x 21.1 in x 10.6 in)

And some special ones!

  • Global unique appearance, designed in Netherlands.
  • Smart gear control, with 4 different gears levels
  • Smart LCD display to show gear, battery level, bike temperature, speed, riding range
  • Smart USB Powerbank, with floating output 5V 1A - 2A, smartly fitting the charged device
  • Premium front LED White Light with 10 meters range
  • Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • Remote control with burglar alarm to lock/unlock the e-bike. If locked, there is burglar alarm if someone move the e-bike
  • Aviation grade 6061 aluminium alloy, very good intensity and toughness


  • Aluminium

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